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and the great government consulting as they pick the products to bring a lot of innovation to san francisco. cory? give cory a round of applause. [applause] >> thank you, chris. thank you so much for all of your hard work, chris. none of this could be possible without your efforts. good evening. the good government awards are incredibly important in san francisco. it's a chance for us to honor the tremendous work that happens in the city and also to honor the individuals who are responsible for some of that success. congratulations to all of our honorees. we're very grateful for your work. let's give a hand for them. [applause] the good government awards also support spur's good government work. it is a central part of our mission. our agenda is admittedly ambitious. we analyze every local measure on the san francisco ballot, which until recently was a pretty formidable task. we participate in most of the major issues of city government from pension and payroll tax reform to some of the most important discussions on how we fund a lot of our public services, whether that finding different re
on at a time when negotiations between the pkk and turkish government are at a delicate stage. the leader of the pkk, jailed in turkey at the moment, is being talked to by the turkish government trying to find some sort of peaceful solution to this situation. the pkk have been fighting for some 28 years. i think the speculation at the moment is going to be whether this was something contract by the turkish government or whether it is something that was actually an internal feud, maybe some people opposed to the peace process from within the pkk. obviously there could be many other possibilities of how blues -- these women and of dead. those are two avenues. >> thank you very much. as rory was telling us, he was giving us information about the pkk. as he has been saying, it has been fighting authorities for 25 years, turkish authorities. its members want to will themselves in the southeast of the country. over 40,000 people are said to have died in the violence. four days ago, one soldier and 14 rebels were killed near the border with iraq. on wednesday turkey said it agreed with a peace p
. in the past few weeks, the government said the president was slowly but surely recovering and getting better. then they announced he had a setback and is still recovering -- suffering from a respiratory infection. the latest medical report was that he was stable. not saying that he has made any significant recovery from respiratory complications. that is really the question the venezuelans want to know, when or if he is going to be able to return to the presidency. >> u.s. vice president joe biden said the white house is prepared to use executive orders as well as legislation to tighten gun control. he is leading pro and anti-gun groups as part of a task force on gun violence. >> america has seen mass shootings with frantic response. the makeshift memorial, the politicians promising change. that never happens. as vice president joe biden begins meeting on the issue of gun violence, he says this time it is different. >> every once in awhile, something awakens the conscience of the country. seenis like nothing i've in my career. >> after 26 or killed in a connecticut classroom, gun- control ad
country's coast guard ships play cat and mouse with chinese government vessels in the east china sea, and he's watched north korean leaders launch rockets. abe is moving forward with plans to strengthen national defense. abe intends to scrap guidelines endorsed by the former government. defense ministry officials have drawn up their budget request for the upcoming fiscal year. they're looking for an additional 100 billion yen, more than 1 billion u.s. dollars. leaders are expected to use some of those funds to increase surveillance around the senkaku islands in the east china sea. the japanese government bought them from a private owner in september. china and taiwan also claim the islands. chinese government ships have entered japanese waters repeatedly since the islands were nationalized. abe and members of his cabinet will consider increasing the number of personnel in the self-defense forces, and they're looking at spending more on equipment. >>> those chinese government ships entered japanese waters against this week. four maritime surveillance vessels navigated near the senkaku
newspaper china and government officials is grabbing more attention and making more headlines. staff at the nonfonjomo say they were censored and accuse the latest addition to taking a jab at the communist party. the weekly published second edition was out on thursday, the first time hitting newsstands since the allegations surfaced. >> translator: i came to buy the newspaper to know what's happening here and to know the truth. >> translator: media restrictions are getting tighter. the government's propaganda division should be disbanded. >> editors did not run a story detailing their allegations that communist party officials forced them to change new year editorials counting for freedom and democracy and they did not mention the anti-september sore ship demonstrations happening this week. instead, editors wrote that even though the party has the right to control the media, it should change with the times. no demonstrators gathered on thursday outside the head office of the nonfonjomo. that's the first time in four days. authorities have been deploying dozens of police officers to d
that this really don't want us to see. john: what if you are hiding things you don't want the government to see? >> whatever it is that what. >> the founder of with a pds. >> the internet and communication. that would be good. john: the teacher does not have to be good. john: freedom to put up. >> will increase. john: that's our show. ♪ john: what keeps you safe? what prevents fraud? most people you asks a government. governnt must lay out the rules and punish fraud. protect people. so government regulates. over the years as more regulations and america we now have 170,000 pages of rules. people think we can't live without these, but then came the internet. almost eirely unregulated, and it works. it is given us a new level of freedom. let's call it freedom -- "freedom 2.0". i could not have imagined it before coble, would compete. i assume the services like those could not work. what a jke. who would buy an unseen product from a total stranger without government regulation, it would make sure that the sellers are honest and a product for the. another joke. who would trust it that is why we n
: what keeps you safe? what prevents fraud? most people you asks a government. government must lay out the rules and punish fraud. protect people. so government regulates. over the years as more regulaons and america we now have 170,000 pages of rules. people think we can't live without these, but then came the internet. almost entirely unreguted, and it works. it is given us a new level of freedom. let's call it freedom -- "freedom 2.0". i could not have imagined it before coble, would compete. i assume the services like those could not work. what a joke. who would buy an unseen product from a total stranger without government regulation, it would makeure that the sellers are honest and a product for the. another joke. who would trust it. thats why we need the world but in the encyclopedia of britannica. my dad. even i have constantlycomplains about government control could @%t imagine what would be created outside them. one who did imagine it is jimmy wales who founded with the pds. how did you think this would work? >> well, it's interesting. when i started that did not think about
to connect citizens better with government * . i ran it for almost nine years. and when i was elected to office four years ago, i was unfortunately more surprised than i wanted to be about how far behind san francisco government was. this was very 2008, 2009. with you i'm really proud of the leaps and bounds we have taken as a city * . i was proud in 2010 to help move forward legislation to really bring together city departments to work in a coordinated way with our committee on information technology. to help create a chief information officer position for the city. i was also proud to work with then mayor newsome in passing the first generation of open data legislation that we have. but as our civil grand jury in june pointed out, our i-t in san francisco is still in need of a culture shock. and this is where all of us come in today. we have 200 data sets that have already been put out there, but by and large the data sets put out by city government are data sets that i think show us in a very positive way. from my perspective, it's important for us to keep on pushing data sets that
complains about government control could @%t imagine what would be created outside them. one who did imagine it is jimmy wales who founded with the pds. how did you think this would work? >> well, it's interesting. when i started that did not think about competing with anybody. i had any idea and a bunch of friends, and we just are typing and try to figure it out as we went along and had some failures and then later some successes along the way. john: you started for something called nubia combat that did not work. >> the concept was that if we were going to have an internet encyclopedia it needed to be even more academic than a traditional encyclopedia. we had a seven stage review process to organize it. it was very intimidating for people to get involved in. it was a complete failure, and we stumbled across the concept and started using the software. we get more done in two weeks and almost two years. it was amazing. john: and then it built. all of these people are editing in adding things themselves. the usage rate kept rising. >> today we have nearly 500 million people using the website
in a standoff over censorship with the government. welcome to nhk world "newsline." journalists at "nanfang zhoumo" aren't backing down in their very public dispute with chinese government officials. they say they were censored earlier this month and so they have used their latest edition to take a jab at the ruling communist party. >>> here's more from beijing. >> reporter: they published their second edition of the year on thursday. it's the first time it hit newsstands since the censorship allegations surfaced. >> translator: i came to buy the newspaper to know what's happening here and to know the truth. >> translator: media restrictions are getting tighter. the government's propaganda division should be disbanded. >> reporter: editors did not run a story detailing their complaint that communist party officials forced them to change a new year editorial calling for freedom and democracy and they did not mention the anti-censorship demonstrations that have been happening this week. instead, editors wrote that even though the party has the right to control the media, it should change with
now!" >> in the name of the legitimate government of the commander president who was reelected by the venezuelan people, the leader of this model land, the government open is the decision of the supreme court of justice. their work and their voice is sacred. >> venezuela has postponed today's presidential inauguration as hugo chÁvez remains hospitalized in cuba. the venezuelan supreme court says chÁvez is still president, but the opposition is calling for a caretaker government and elections. we host a debate. a victory in the campaign against stop and frisk. >> going to the store in coming from the store, they're going to stop you. >> they stop about 90% of the people coming in. >> i don't mind the police being here, but not the harassment. >> new york police are not allowed to routinely stop pedestrians outside private residential buildings in the bronx. all of that and more coming up. this is "democracy now!," democracynow.org, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. at least five people have been killed in u.s. drone strike in pakistan earlier today. the strike hit a h
. and i talk to them. they have to hire their own burrcrat to dole with the government burrcrats. >> emac said you need new administrators and czars. >> maybe it would add jobs. but it is important to point out regulations are necessary. even governor romney said that . porly -- case in point. oregon is coming out with a law that makes employers not discriminate against unemployed applicants that is it important. we have seen discrimination there. that is good for the economy. >> steve, you can always justify thingings. but the bottom line regulations are a tax on business. are they not? >> they are indeed and people who love regulations make it a choice between anarchy and reguleses. in term of job creation and having bankings. i know a midsize bank had to hire a thousand people of compliiance and that means fewer loan officers. regulations are a burden pure and simple . the p.m. claims to be for maul business and jobs and yet he comes out with a basket full that hits at jobs. >> rich put it in the right way n from the beginning. they have to hire someone to keep track of all of the regu
much as a drop in the bucket. government watch dog, said that is the problem with bailouts, taxpayers keep losing out. tconsideratioty young is here t. the markets were sanguine on this, saying no surprise, blah, blah, blah, but i think it is offensive. >> of course, it is offensive, when bank of america took over countrywide loans under tarp the federal government agreed to payback any losses that bank of america had, when bank of america writes a $10 billion check to fannie mae, tax payers will be on the hook, the executives of fan may and freddy hacker losing money, and still getting bonus us. in private sector you get fired. neil: you know what is weird is that. the bank is paying the penalties for an entity that government all but forced it to buy. you have to wonder when fannie gets its just desserts and we get just some of our money. >> you know this is a sweet deal for the gse's that continue to override. you know you hit the nail on the head, 10 billion-dollars, that in the scheme of things, does not seem like a lot. but to the taxpayers who are footing the bill for the bailo
the government and opposition over weather the constitution requires the new president to be sworn in on thursday. >> until the new president can be sworn in, officials in the current administration will have the job of governing the country. the court ruled they could continue to fully exercise their functions under the principle of continuity of government. >> the supreme court announced the decision in an eagerly awaited tv broadcast. a constitutional row broke out after it became clear that the reelected president would be unable to attend. >> it is possible for the reelected president to take his oath of office before the supreme court at a date later than january 10, 2013. if he is unable to do so on that date before the national assembly. that is compatible with the constitution. >> chavez has ruled venezuela as president since 1999, but the ailing politician has had to return to cuba several times for repeat cancer treatment. >> he can no longer be the president of the public, so there must be a new electoral process. >> four leading members of his socialist party, the president of's illn
be able to bring it on with a lawsuit to the very folks that saved it, the government, us. the taxpayer that has funded the bailout that saved that company doing those nor man rock well commercials. now the subject to be punished by the company. so what do you think? >> what is going on aig has confirmed for fox business that the board will meet at some time to decide whether this to join former aig chief hang greenberg's lawsuit against the government basically hank greenberg is saying that the government bailout was run by government overseers who ran amok with auditors and lawyers and government officials. who did not do right by the governmental bailout. he is basically saying that aig had to sell off $56 billion in assets to repay the u.s. government that the government overcharged aig punitive interest rates of 14%. that essentially basically there wasn't a government bailout, it was government bailout that hurt the company. now, we have one saying this is suing the paramedics who gave you cpr because he did not give you a pillow. we have other congressmen sending letters to aig.
.s. government to conclude that bolivia was failing to meet its commitment to fight production of cocaine. a new report suggests the country's on orthodox measures -- unorthodox measures are working. katherine is from the information network. she is one of the members of the -- office of the report. >> the u.s. policy position had a great deal of frustration on the part of oblivion's throughout the country that all u.s. funding was ties to forced eradication -- on the part of bolivians cure of the country that all u.s. funding was tied to forced eradication. it was seen as something that was a concession. it was a recognition that each family had registered for a small amount to guarantee their subsistence , theircocoa farm -- that cocoa farming is not about being involved in the drug society. >> who spearheaded this? wasn't the farmers themselves to recognize the need for this change? >> this was a long time to dance on the part of the coca growers. it was something that ask for for a long time that only began to take hold and have a real system to its with the inauguration of abel morales in 2
more efficient government, along with some very good entrepreneurial efforts that are reflected in today's announcements and some of our partners that are here today. so, three years later, after announcing this and after doing the first generation of open data legislation, open sf is still a very vigorous, and we want to do even more. we've teamed up again with board president david chiu who has been personally involved with this and helping us and guide us with his knowledge, having been a small business owner himself, with how we can do even better. and today we are announcing actually two areas of improvements to our piece of legislation that i think will get people even more excited. the first is after a couple of years of opening up some of the data streams in our city and seeing how this data had already started, some companies, some entrepreneurs develop applications, helped us already with identifying some additional needs in the city and involving more people, we want to do even more along that line. and, so, this legislation will allow us to establish, along with the
the economy. >>> welcome to nhk world "newsline." japanese government is following through on its promises to give the economy a shot in the arm. government leaders have agreed on a stimulus package worth $115 billion. they hope to boost growth by 2%. the government will allocate the funds to three areas. more than $40 billion will go to rebuilding after the earthquake and tsunami and to disaster prevention. workers will use the funds repairing infrastructure such as tunnels and bridges. about $35 billion will be spent on measures to ensure security and revitalized communities. and about $35 billion will be spent on driving growth. some of that will support business ventures. other funds will go into promoting joint research projects between universities and companies. stimulus package plus spending by local governments and the private sector will add up to $230 billion. >> translator: governments under the democratic party focused only on redistribution. they didn't make enough effort to increase incomes and expand the economy. i'm determined to change the basic philosophy. i'm going to b
are to be released by the syrian government in exchange for 48 iranian hostages. the iranian men were kidnapped in august by rebel forces, and they delivered an ultimatum october saying they would kill the hostages if syrian prisoners were not released. the swap was brokered by a turkish charity. for more let's bring in hashem, joining us near the border with syria. what do we know on the swap deal? >> the main charity, the humanitarian based assistance that broker the deal, they said the prisoner swap is under way. 48 iranians were released on the outskirts of the capital and 2100 syrians are to be released in different areas. damascus, homs, hana -- so it is going to take a few hours during the day before the whole process is completed. what is happening is the following. measures from a aid agency along with it -- officials from the ministry of the interior are monitoring the prisoner swap. it is very crucial, very critical. they have to ensure that all the prisoners are to be released today. four of them are turkish nationals. we have been asking the spokesperson of the charity about the ci
republic take yet another town. the venezuelan government says president chavez could begin another term even if he is too ill to be sworn in. despite what you see, these are fished out of water. they are living in the israeli desert. he was killed by a mob, allegedly for desecrating the koran. him was in police custody when angry villagers drag him from his cell, beat him to death, and set his body on fire. police in pakistan are still trying to find out who he was. we went to the province where it happened. warnings, there are images in this report, you may find disturbing. this man was taken from the police station in pakistan. he was murdered for allegedly desecrating the koran. >> police officials describe hundreds of villagers came to the police station. they took the man from behind these bars. they took him to the second floor, dropped his body, and set him on fire. >> seven police officials have been suspended since the killing last month. they were not able to protect a man into custody and did not even have a name for him. they say the mob overpowered them after storming the p
, the government has set up a fast track court to deal with assaults against women. the description of this attack will no-doubt and put additional pressure on the government. charles stratford, al jazeera. >> the venezuelan presidents health condition seems to have taken a turn for the worst. he is due to be sworn in for a new term in was than a week, but he may not be well enough to attend. there is concern about the delay. others want to know why he has not been seen in public since having cancer surgery. >> it has been almost a month since people in venezuela have seen or heard hugo chavez. people have not seen a picture or heard a phone call from the president. there are lots of rumors and speculations going around. the minister of communications announced the president was suffering from a severe lung infection. this week, the president received a visit in havana from the vice president, the president of the national assembly, and his older brother. for many, this is an example of the gravity of the situation. many wonder whether the president will be back for his inauguration on january 10.
between big business and government and the reckoning that lies ahead." mr. rothkopf, a lot of people think big government and big business go hand in hand. >> guest: well, they do go hand in hand, but government's playing field for power, and so business introduces itself there to guide it in the directions that it wants to go. but, of course, a lot of people in big business or in the financial community would prefer it if they went on in their way unimpeded by government, and so that's another front in this particular power struggle. >> host: one of the points you make in "power, inc." is there are some multi-national corporations who make more money, control more money than most of the governments on earth. >> guest: yeah. well, big companies, big companies like walmart, you know, have more employees than some of the smaller countries in the world. but, you know, a company like exxon, you know, has revenues that are bigger than the gdp of all but probably 30 or 40 countries on earth. and, therefore, it has resources that allow it to set up offices in more countries than most countr
building nascar race tracks, that you wouldn't have built without credits from the government. it's not a great policy long run, but it will make jobs in the short run. >> you're the only guy who likes electric motor scooters and nascar. >> it's time for an opportunity to take my scooter out on the track. >> brenda: all right. gary b, i have a feeling you don't agree. >> i don't, brenda. look, i do agree with one point jonas made, no one can disagree that stimulus spending creates jobs. we're all in agreement about that. the real question, is that dollar better spent by the government or is it spent-- better spent by the private sector? look, this has been studied and the multiplier, essentially, what does a dollar create in the gdp? the multiplier for government spending, stimulus spending is .64, that means every dollar you and i, brenda, give to the government and for our taxes, only raises gdp 64 cents. it says right there, no matter if you think it's great to have wind farms or hollywood producers getting breaks, the money is spent inefficiently, it's much better spent as gar
anyo cornyn threatened a partial government shutdown. the coming deadlines will be the next flash points in our ongoing fight to bring fiscal sanity to washington. it may be necessary to shut down the government in order to secure the long-term fiscal well-being of our country, rather than plod along the path of greece, italy and spain. president obama needs to take note and put forth a plan immediately. and pat tume voiced the same sentiment in week earlier on "morning joe." >> our opportunity is on the debt ceiling. the president made it very clear. he doesn't want to have a discussion about it, because he knows this is where we have lev range. we republicans need to tolerate a temporary partial government shutdown which is what it could mean and insist we will get off the road to greece. >> i don't doubt that 72% want to see the spending cuts. which way do you think the public sentiment swings if there is a government shutdown? >> i think that pat toomey is confused. it's a continuing resolution. if they don't fund the continuing resolution, the government will shut down. if th
and also lets us keep a closer watch on government. this by select -- bicyclist went into a cop but then the camera vv v. -- reveal the truth. these people could show a chord spend your money in repulsive ways and many watched the video and before "the new york times" ran a single story about the scandal congress moved to stop giving acorn your money. >> i have co-sponsored the bill to stop funding the reprehensible enterprise. john: the private digital currency to buy what government does not want you to. i do not suggest you buy illegal things but choice is good. it is freedom 2.0. it gives more options and makes a harder for government to control. that is a good thing. that is our show. thanks for watching. on to f an friends.com. ching. on to f an see you tomorrow. >> the pigs at the trough because the pork is alive and well in d.c. the year is only one week old and lawmakers already handing out tens of billions of dollars, for green energy, electric motorcycles, nascar, hollywood, even rum makers in the caribbean. proponents say this is great news for jobs, but with nearl
no negotiation threat, but a government shutdown may be the only way to find resolution. the new senate majority leader is saying that it may be necessary to partially shut down the government in order to secure the fiscal well-being of our country. the looming deadline for action has been obvious. and in every instance the white house has purposely blow up the process in a shameless attempt to score cheap political points. "the washington post" reported the top ally in the senate may not be fully on board with his approach his imperious stance, if you will. senator harry reid reportedly warned mr. obama is refusal to negotiate on the debt limit and the sequester could be a strategic bluner. nancy pelosi making it clear that the democratic priorities called for even higher tax hikes. >> i don't think that democrats are saying that we aren't having spending cuts. we have agreed to over a trillion dollars in cuts in the budget control act. so we all know how we proceed has to be in three parts. revenue and growth to bring money into the treasury in cuts in establishing our priorities in a way that
, but communist officials sometimes order the media to stay away from stories that put the party or the government in an unfavorable light. staff at a newspaper took the rare step of running an editorial, calling journalists and protesters to calm down. some chinese aren't listening. they feel the censors went too far. about a dozen people gathered in beijing to show solidarity with the reporters. back in guangzhou city, police arrived to keep the demonstrators away from the newspaper's office. they removed the flowers and got into a quarrel with some of the protesters. >> translator: if we do not stand for this newspaper now, we won't get support next time. >> reporter: a new group of leaders took control of china's communist party last fall. these demonstrators and members of the media are finding out some of the old ways are still in practice. nhk world, beijing. >>> wildfires have broking o brn 130 places in australia. the southern island of tasmania has been hardest hit. flames burned down 250 buildings and policere still trying to locate dozens of missing people. >> reporter: the fires have
government is holding back. >> a military solution alone will not solve the problem in mali. we must therefore intensify political efforts. >> in germany has cast doubt on whether they will help train government forces fighting the chaotic situation on the ground. the presidents of the french operation in the western african country will last as long as is necessary. >> in washington, d.c.,, and karzai meeting with president barack obama a winehouse. they were reviewing strategy for the future of the two country's relationship. >> he said u.s. forces would be moving into a support role by this spring. he said that it was within reach. he said the afghan government would soon start direct talks with the taliban. for more on this story, we're going live to our correspondent in washington. what do we know now about the new framework for the u.s. a moment in afghanistan? >> the details on any security agreement that would kick in after 2014. president obama pointing out the goals of any security agreements, the training and assisting of forces in afghanistan, and the second being targeti
discriminations by the shia-led government. almost a million remain homeless in the philippines. thousands of shark fins discovered on a rooftop in hong kong. controversial delicacy is booming. ♪ less than a week before he is due to be sworn in for a second term, the latest news on venezuelan president is not encouraging. the government says hugo chÁvez is suffering from complications from a severe lung infection after cancer surgery in cuba of. >> under pressure for more information on the state of the nation's leader, venezuelan officials have told us more about hugo chÁvez's cancer. >> falling the sensitive surgery on december 11, commander hugo chÁvez has faced complications as a consequence of a severe lung infection which has resulted in a respiratory deficiency that requires hugo chÁvez to remain in strict compliance with his medical treatment. >> chÁvez successor has been appearing regularly assuring people the president will return. sooner or later, we will see commander hugo chÁvez with us. >> chÁvez only named maduro the successor last month. the last time chÁvez spoke
helicopters and fighter jets last week. there was a confusing situation last week when the myanmar government appeared to initially deny those airstrikes had taken place. a couple of days later, they admitted they did happen, but they happened in self-defense. the use of air power against the rebels is certainly an escalation in what has been a very long-running war. >> dozens of protesters are gathered outside the headquarters of one of china's most liberal newspapers. they are calling for the resignation of the provincial propaganda chief. the protest began after they replaced a new years letter to readers -- new year's letter to readers. isgle's executive chairman in north korea in what is being called a humanitarian visit. eric schmidt is part of a delegation led by former new mexico state governor bill richardson. richardson -- >> it is a private, humanitarian mission. we are going to make an assessment of the north korean economic and political situation. we are also going to look at the humanitarian status of the korean people. but also, there is an american that is detained there -- a
agree with john that a lot of blame has to be placed on the government's policies. melissa: sam, saying 6% would be the new normal, that is a horrible number because we're we'r standing right now at 7.8%, we have 20 two million people who are not working as much as they would like to or totally unemployed, 22 million people who to earn more money and work more hours in order to support thr family. we tick down to six, that can be america's future. >> when you have a government that pays people to be unemployed, where the people can retire early and that baby boomers are retiring, when women of child bearing age choose to stay home with their families, 4% unemployment is not really normal. that's, that's really, when we look back when we have had 4% unemployment in the past it is typically been in periods when we had significantly rising wage pressures and inflationary pressures in the u.s. economy. 4% unemmoment has usually been just before big problems emerged. so 4% is, in that sense i don't think a reasonable, long-term achievable norm. melissa: peter this, is one of the slowest reco
tears. he has had surgery four times in his health has deteriorated further. >> to the government warns that as well as not to believe rumors that a to destabilize and venezuela and the revolution. there was one telling phrase. >> respiratory deficiency. it has heightened speculation that he will not be coming back to venezuela any time soon. he was reelected after 14 years in power had a champion of the poor. he used the vast oil wealth to cut unemployment and poverty. he has become a critic some of the united states and made friends with its enemies. critics say he is dangerously dogmatic. what will happen if he's incapacitated? >> if he's out of the picture, there will be dramatic changes in venezuela. it is a coutnry used to having chavez at the center of the political anatomy. >> claiming to champion the poor and depressed every year, can his political creed survive? that as well as praise for uncertainty and change. -- is braced for uncertainty and change. >> i spoke a brief time ago with the president of the inter- american dialogue. if he is too sick to be sworn in for his new t
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